Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Website for Collectors “Jipedia” 為集藏家而設的全新網站『集百科』

Happy New Year!

A new year, a new beginning! We want to introduce a new website, called “Jipedia, which are developed by us and our friends.

Many people will collect stuff they like. They may find some difficulty when collecting, such as difficult to or cannot find the stuff. Although there are many information on the internet, but they are scattered. People may need to spend many times for searching, but also cannot find it at the end.

Our goal is to provide a platform of sharing, social and information for different type of collectors. Not only people can share their collectibles and hobbies with the public through our website, but also meet other people having the same collecting hobbies, allow exchanging and sharing, help them to find the related information easier.

For celebrating the New Year and the opening of the website, there are some promotions. Besides, we’re finding some honest, reliable and enthusiastic people to be our forum collaborators. Please check out our web site!

We hope people would understand that we will have resource to develop and return our users provided that you're supporting us. We will be developing more functions related to collection and providing more service for collectors and the public.

We hope people would give us more opinions and comments so as to improve the quality of our website. Besides, we hope that not only you will come to share, but also will invite others to share. This will help to build up a bigger social circle of your collecting hobby.

Thanks everyone, have a nice day!









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